Kohler Verdera 40" Aluminum Medicine Cabinet


The Verdera medicine cabinet combines an elegant fit and finish with quick, easy installation. Triple mirrored doors create a light-filled gallery effect, opening to a fully mirrored interior with three adjustable glass shelves. A built-in magnifying...

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SIDLER Axara Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The SIDLER® Axara™ Collection Bask in the warm light of the Axara™, a gentle morning greeting. Hand laid upon the mirror door, a morning ritual of tactile bliss. Rise to a bathroom that is both inspiring and organized...

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SIDLER Diamando Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The SIDLER® Diamando™ Collection An evolution in bathroom design, the Diamando medicine cabinet features lights that shine through the mirror. The recessed design creates a seamless, modern, beautiful esthetic. The soft-close feature,...

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SIDLER LED Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The new SIDLER® LED mirror cabinet features an original light design, refined in both its execution and technology. The design effects a sublime geometric tension, the light shines through the mirror. Opening the cabinet door reveals a mirrored...

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SIDLER Priolo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The SIDLER® Priolo™ Collection Angular perfection punctuates crisp modernity. Wake to a bathroom that is both visionary and organized. Transcend to extraordinary mornings that give rise to an extraordinary life. Aspire. Surface...

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SIDLER Singla Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The SIDLER® Singla™ CollectionThe newly introduced Singla™ mirrored medicine cabinet offers exceptional value. SIDLER® quality at an unexpected price point. The recessed design creates a seamless modern, beautiful esthetic...

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SIDLER Tall Mirror Bathroom Cabinet


The new SIDLER® Tall mirrored cabinet design is luxurious in its full length view and abundant in storage capacity. The sleek design is achieved by utilizing our double-sided mirror doors. The Silverlasting™ mirror is of exceptional quality;...

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