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C-Press Fittings

C- Press Fittings to make secure extensions and repairs of ASTM B88 and B75 copper tubing. These fittings have internal stop indentation to stop pipe halfway through the fitting when inserted. Thanks to its easy press connections, installing the coupling is quick and efficient. Unlike traditional pipe fittings, there’s no need for calibration, flame or heavy equipment. Instead, C-Press couplings install in just three easy steps: cut the copper tube to length and remove any imperfections, measure and mark the fitting depth, and use a press tool to connect the Press fitting for a secure connection. Smart Connect identifies unpressed fittings during pressure testing to ensure proper connections the first time and eliminate callbacks. Approved to the most codes and standards of any other copper press fitting system (IPC, UPC and NSF included), fitting configurations to suit virtually any type of plumbing or HVAC job, C- Press pipe fittings are the top choice of professionals around the globe.